“Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves. A cord
of three strands is not quickly broken.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12

Business Colab

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Welcome to Business Colab



The Business Colab is an enterprise initiative of Hope City Church. It is intended for more than just entrepreneurs or those running businesses. It’s for professionals, leaders, managers, and intrapreneurs in the workplace and those who aspire to be any of these areas.

Our aims:

  1. To connect those called to the marketplace together to create community, learning and development
  2. To inspire like-minded people to aim higher and accomplish more.

We run four to five key events each year to bring together marketplace professionals from multiple industries at all stages of their career. Invaluable networking, inspirational discussion, guest speakers, great food and interactive presentations are just some of the things you can expect to see at the Colab. We gather speakers to share on topics such as personal effectiveness, management and leadership, and business and enterprise development to name a few. Each event provides an opportunity to build strong business relationships, improve personal effectiveness and ultimately  to maximise your chances of success.

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About Hope City

Over the last 20 years of since Hope City have been dedicated to creating enterprising social and community based projects along with developing business to support, encourage and uplift the cities and communities around us. Over the years we have positively affected thousands of people through innovation, creativity and belief in people potential. The Business Colab is just one of these initiatives which seeks to resource not only Hope City members but the wider community of business people and professionals.

Every one of us at Hope City Church is passionate about people living their best life. Our vision is people! We want to see every person belong to a vibrant, healthy community, grow in their relationships and feel empowered to go and make a difference in their world.

The Hope City way is FAITH and prayer, FOOD and fun, FRIENDSHIP and invitation, FREEDOM and wholeness, FAMILY and growth, FUTURE and influence. For more details on Hope City Church click here.


Business Colab is a great network for businesses and entrepreneurs whether they’re established or just starting out in business. It was the first network that I was introduced to when I was at the very early stages of my business idea, and it was great to talk to so many likeminded people with a variety of experience. It has given myself and others the necessary tools and support to take our business ideas forward. Business Colab is an inclusive community that enables people to come together, share ideas and experiences and support each other regardless of their backgrounds or stage of business cycle.

Jamie Baggaley – J&J Commercial Finance

What’s On

The Power of Story Telling 
with Kevin Shaw
July 23rd 2019
Tickets Here

Past Events:

The Value Driven Workplace
with Adrian Ashton
May 7th 2019

with Neil Grant
March 5th 2019

God At Work
with Ken Costa
January 13th 2019

Persona Developing an Authentic Brand
with Faye Smith
October 2nd 2018

The Shape of You
with Jon Colman
July 10th 2018

The Wisest One in the Room
with Ian Green
January 16th 2018

3D Thinking: Standing out from the Crowd
with Andy Hanselman
September 5th 2017

Anything Could Happen
with Jonno Andrassy
July 18th 2017

Colab Clinics

Our Business Colab Clinics are smaller hang-out evenings or breakfast sessions built around areas of interest which are likely to be more centred on the technical aspects of marketplace leadership or entrepreneurship. Some of the regular themes we look at are business planning, finance, effective marketing strategy, social media for business, starting a new business, HR fundamentals and so on.

Next Clinic: Business Start-ups Tue 27th November. Click here to sign up.

Would you like to run one of our Colab Clinics or start a new clinic topic? Get in touch below to find out how.

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